2018 Brand Ambassador Contract

I understand and agree to uphold the mission and purpose of the BALLET CAFÉ Naturals brand. I agree to promote and highlight the BALLET CAFÉ Naturals brand via social media by wearing/showcasing and tagging BALLET CAFÉ Naturals' products in a positive, tactful manner. I agree to participate in one post per month on social media, as prompted by BALLET CAFÉ; as well as at least one additional post of my own per month (highlighting BALLET CAFÉ), as I am so inspired.

I understand that promotional codes provided by BALLET CAFÉ are encouraged to be shared via social media with my friends and followers. I understand that all BALLET CAFÉ products provided to me by BALLET CAFÉ are gifts--free of charge. I give BALLET CAFÉ permission to send their products to the address I have provided, below.

I agree to be featured on BALLET CAFÉ's social media platforms and/or its website as one of the company's brand ambassadors. Furthermore, I agree not to represent any other brand of tights while an ambassador for BALLET CAFÉ Naturals.

I understand that the position of Brand Ambassador for BALLET CAFÉ Naturals begins on 4/16/2018 and will continue through 12/31/2018. I understand that if I cannot uphold this agreement, I may be asked to step down from my position as a BALLET CAFÉ Naturals Brand Ambassador. 

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