2019 Ambassador Contract: Terms & Expectations


Promote and highlight the BALLET CAFÉ Naturals brand via social media by wearing/showcasing and tagging BALLET CAFÉ Naturals' products provided to you in a positive, tactful manner. The contract will be in effect from April 15, 2019 through December 31, 2019. All products BALLET CAFÉ Naturals provides to you under the ambassador program during this time period are free.

  • Understand and embrace BALLET CAFÉ's mission and purpose, as you will be representing the brand.

  • Participate in promotional posts, as periodically prompted by BALLET CAFÉ Naturals; and post additionally, as you are so inspired.

  • You will receive promo codes from time to time, which we encourage you to share with friends and followers.

  • Brand ambassadors may be featured on our company website and our social media sites, occasionally.

Non-Compete Clause:

All BALLET CAFÉ Naturals brand ambassadors must agree not to represent any other brand of tights while an ambassador for BALLET CAFÉ Naturals. (Any ambassador who is not able to comply with this and/or any aforementioned expectation, will not be permitted to continue as an ambassador for BALLET CAFÉ Naturals).

If you are in agreement with the above information, please select the button below to complete the 2019 BALLET CAFÉ Naturals brand ambassador form/contract.