BALLET CAFÉ believes that dancers should have the option to purchase quality tights that realistically represent the natural color of their skin--their fleshtone.  "Fleshtone" should not be synonymous with one shade; yet that is the way in which the term has been marketed to consumers.  Overlooking the fact that individuals come in more shades than one, is unrealistic.  In addition, not being represented or considered can be discouraging.  

We would like to place this problem in the past.  BALLET CAFÉ Naturals is here, in the present, providing representation and consideration through our products as a solution we believe will create a better future for dancers--no matter their fleshtone.

We welcome you to be a part of this solution!  You can support BALLET CAFÉ Naturals by donating a monetary gift of your choice by selecting the "donate" button, below.  In turn,  we will send a special gift of gratitude from us to you.  (Every donation made goes toward the production of BALLET CAFÉ Naturals Fleshtone Convertible Tights and is non-deductible).  

Thank you in advance for your thoughtful support and generosity.

Warmest Regards,