Our Purpose

All of our products are "made with you in mind" and are purposed to provide consideration and representation with hopes of inspiring and encouraging dancers. BALLET CAFÉ Naturals gladly exists for the sheer fact that you exist.

BALLET CAFÉ believes that dancers should have the option to purchase quality tights that realistically represent the natural color of their skin--their fleshtone. "Fleshtone" or "nude", etc. should not be synonymous with one shade; although, this is the way in which these terms have been marketed to consumers. Overlooking the fact that individuals come in more shades than one, is unrealistic; and not being represented or considered can be discouraging.  

We would like to place this problem in the past. BALLET CAFÉ Naturals is here, in the present, providing consideration and representation through our products as a solution we believe will help create a better future for dancers--no matter their fleshtone.